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A RACE against time

Rural Advancement through Computer Education.

Softedge Exports Pvt. Ltd. was India’s first privately funded educational institute that took IT into the rural areas.

Our mission was to :

  • Enhance the skills of local youth on par with the urban.
  • Provide equal opportunities for young women.
  • Stop the brain drain to cities by generating local employment.
  • Create entrepreneurs where only thought of finding jobs.
  • Define a new future with infinite opportunities.

Over a period of 5 years

  • 600 youngsters were provided IT education and work doing data entry / DTP / translations and basic programming,
  • 300 (approx) youngsters were put through college on a work / study plan.
  • 7 were established in their own small consultancy / software development companies. 

For a country to grow, it's young just need someone to believe in them and just the opportunity, to realize their own dreams.

To contact us,

Email : apwizard@usa.net


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