Virtual Application Processor– The power tool that completes Groove – by Providing total control over Workspaces and Tools, with the ability to import data from Forms, Calendars and Discussions and provide powerful relational Views and Reports of your Data.

Seamlessly synchronizes data between Groove and traditional Databases with Import / Export and 2 way sync options, and field level control / mapping.

Offers Global Search (and Replace) to track information across hundreds of workspaces (they just keep growing)

A Powerful UI that lets you create your own Views, Filters, Links and Cross tabulated Analysis of your Groove Data.

A Complete Forms environment of it’s own that allows you to quickly create powerful Solutions with zero programming, then use the groove transport layer to share data (at the field level) with whoever you choose..

  • The best way to build powerful and secure, distributed ERP Solutions.
  • Special features that save cost and offer real solutions to real issues
  • Very low cost of ownership for (powered by Groove) ERP Solutions
  • VAP make previously difficult Groove tasks easy and true distributed computing a reality.

    This is a Complex Solution, which needs to be customized. Please contact us for downloads.