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Knowing English does not make one a Poet

Learning a computer language does not make a programmer

But the true programmer

Writes poetry in any language

We treat our people as the main asset of the Company, It is also accepted that no one person or company can be the best at everything and the best is what we seek. Over 20 years we have actively cultivated and benefited from partners who complement our own skills and believe in the same values.

Computact Software Services Ltd.,

  • Works with international Partners to provide a global service.
  • Provides the very best environment to its own staff members to encourage the development of high quality products and services.
  • Motivates people to discover strengths and skills they did not know they possess.

Growing with us is fun and financially rewarding. We work with emerging technologies and not a day goes by without the mind being stretched. What we knew today is less important than whether we can keep up with tomorrow. For this you need to be a natural programmer, not just someone wanting an IT job.

It does not matter whether your strength is .NET, or Web Services / Share Point, or you are a brilliant Web Designer or a mobile Device junkie – it is excellence and creativity, in any form, that we are looking for,

  • You need a minimum of 3-5 yrs to qualify and a track record of past projects you can demonstrate.
  • You should have some experience with international projects and excellent communication skills.
  • You must be flexible to work to international time zone requirements and be free of encumbrances in order to enjoy the travel opportunities offered.

At Computact we don’t let egos get in the way of perfection.


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