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About Us

With 20 years experience in IT and over 5 years with Groove, we understand the strengths and weakness of this product and are among the select few to publish Groove tools. We can help you use this amazing technology today to give you that competitive edge.

Whether you are a user who needs to extend Legacy systems, or a developer who needs to get up to speed, we offer a one point solution for all your Groove needs.

Our success comes from 3 principles that govern all actions, personal and business.

  • Know your Subject. You would not call in a Doctor and then find you have to teach him how to heal you.
  • Don't give a man fish to eat, teach him how to catch fish. Empower others by sharing your knowledge, it will come back to you in another form.
  • Being smart will not save you from mistakes. How you deal with people will however, help you recover from them.

New improved Company

After the VC fiasco (see below) we set about to create a more resilient company, Instead of a large single entity with over 125 employees we now maintain a layered structure of 12 young full time developers, 7of our own veterans for product delivery and implementations plus 15 project based experts based around the world whenever we need them. In addition our sister concern, Micropix, provides the skills to handle our clients hardware / networking needs, and also fields a formidable Web Development cell that has delivered projects like www.tankmaster.net for Saab Rosemount. In that sense we are richer in talent today than ever in the past.

Our pedigree (one of India’s first dedicated Software development Companies)

1980 Tact International began as a consultancy / agency focused on Air Cargo, International Trade and Project management.. The company was very successful, albeit small, but in 1983 it became important to look at IT Systems to power growth.
1983 Got the 3rd Apple computer that came into India and began a lifelong love affair. We taught what we needed to know, as there was no one to turn to In India except books and manuals. And our business changed…
1984 Tact Int'l becomes Compu-Tact. Staying within our core competence and domain knowledge we wrote the first (definitive) systems in India for the Air Cargo and Garment Export Markets, then went on to do the same for retail in Dubai. Our systems survive even today across India and 15 countries.
1987 - 1989 Using technology was one thing, innovating was another.

Over 4 years of building extensive Commercial / ERP systems it became clear that business processes were essentially,

  • Few in number - business operations were finite.
  • Repetitive – the same methods appeared - only the context changed,
  • Predictable - usually pre-set reactions to pre-defined events..

Out of this observation was born AP, the Application Processor, an intelligent engine that provided (our) programmers with a basic set of processes and operations that could be combined to mirror any business requirement, in real time.

By 1999 CompuTact provided finely tuned solutions to over 30 major Exporters in India and 25 supermarket / chains in Dubai and greatly enhanced the operations of the Industry and the image of Indian Business.

Our team grew rapidly to 25 people by 1986 and 45+ by 1994 to over 150 by 1999. We launched India’s first center for imparting IT learning and creating jobs for Rural Children.

During this period Compu-Tact established a reputation for being:

  • A reliable supplier
  • An excellent employer
  • A socially responsible company

In 2000 we made the fatal mistake of listening to friends turned VCs, and ended up with the company dismembered and years of effort seemingly lost. But this is where our values and past efforts paid off, and our clients stood by us and helped us quickly regenerate.


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